Professional Development for Modern Educators

High quality online learning combined with in-person consultation will take your school to the next level without breaking the budget.

What We Do

PD Anywhere provides premium online professional development for teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators. Our program allows educators to earn competency-based Micro-Credentials personalized to their needs. Each district we serve has a private site devoted to their educators.

How We Do It

PD Anywhere provides users with access to high quality, engaging learning resources, including online, print, and videos directly linked to research-based practices for each micro-credential. Because the learning opportunities are self-paced, educators can access topics on their schedule and when needed. During the learning experience, educators can share and discuss with others, request and receive feedback, and access personalized coaching.

Our clients get the best of both worlds when this online experience is combined with on-site consultation, PD Anywhere opportunities can provide reinforcement and practice after initial in-person training.

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

The PD Anywhere Difference

PD Anywhere is a premium professional development provider for educators. We specialize in cost effective, on demand, personalized PD that leads to micro-credentials, continuing education hours, and graduate credits. We will also come to you for on-site consultation, coaching, and follow-up.

Our content for learners is engaging and varied and we create original resources that make learning easier and dissemination a breeze. Contact us to see a demo, design your program, or generate ideas based on your individual needs.

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
Personalized, Competency-Based Professional Development

Flexible formats that can include face-to-face PD, coaching, and online learning based on district needs

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
Aligned to Requirements

Micro-Credential topics are aligned to national teacher standards that are the model for state appraisal systems.

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
Multiple Research-Based Topics

Put our years of research and experience to work for you. Let us curate a PD curriculum to fit your needs and budget.

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
CEUs for Certification

Earn valuable continuing education and graduate credits quickly and easily through our Micro-Credential programs

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
Analytics for Administrators

At-a-glance analytics show you where your faculty is excelling and where they need improvement.

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials
Timely and Cost Effective Support, Tools & Resources

We’re here for you when you need us. Working with PDA gives you access to our library of research based tools and more!

Our Micro-Credentials are CEU Approved

Micro-credentials are like mini-certifications in relevant topic areas. Our micro-credentials focus on essentials for student success. We offer micro-credentials in three topic areas: Best First Instruction, Tough to Teach and Professional Learning Communities

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

Best First Instruction:
Tier 1 High Impact Teaching & Support

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

Reaching Tough to Teach Students: Tiers 2 and 3 Instruction and Interventions

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

Best Practices for Professional Learning Communities:
Practical Implementation Strategies

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

Modern PD technology with modern practices.

PD Anywhere’s micro-credential program is provided on a state of the art platform. Easy-to-use software designed specifically for educator micro-credentials provides a stress free experience. Once PD Anywhere educators are logged on to the platform, navigating the process and completing a micro-credential is simple and learning is a breeze!

  • Supported – Through both an online chat function as well as help desk.
  • On-demand – Educators can earn micro-credentials on their own time.
  • Personalized – Educators and administrators can select the micro-credentials they wish to earn based on instructional goals.

Get Started Today

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how we tailor each district’s program to meet the unique needs of staff and students.

Who We Are

PD Anywhere is the brainchild of long-time educators with experience as teachers, consultants, writers, and administrators. PD Anywhere recognizes the potential of flexible, cost effective competency-based learning to support busy teachers, coaches, and administrators. Co-Founder Kathy McConnell Fad is a life-long educator, consultant, and author, and is committed to supporting districts and campuses who are working to ensure success for all students. She has a positive track record helping educators through training, observation, and feedback. Supporting educators who earn micro-credentials in specific skill areas is an exciting and cost effective addition to these supports. Learn More

PD Anywhere Professional Development