Who we are

PD Anywhere is the brainchild of long-time educators with experience as teachers, consultants, writers, and administrators. PD Anywhere recognizes the potential of flexible, cost effective competency-based learning to support busy teachers, coaches, and administrators. As a premium provider of micro-credentials for educators, PD Anywhere sets itself apart by providing:

  • Custom programs with optional on-site professional development
  • High impact, research-based topics
  • A wide variety of content, including original content created specifically for PD Anywhere learners
  • Personalized service throughout the learning process
  • Analytics for administrators

With her associates, Kathleen McConnell Fad supports educators as they master skills essential for ensuring student success. Her proven track record in public and higher education and her belief in the power of life-long learning guide the PD Anywhere commitment to educators anywhere and everywhere.


Why PD Anywhere?

Educators know that what happens in the classroom is the key to student success. However, they also know that improving instruction class by class is challenging. In traditional models of professional development, teachers or coaches participate in passive “sit and get” PD off campus. When they return, it is virtually impossible to know if they learned anything or will implement anything they learned.

PD Anywhere ensures a higher level of learning and accountability. Educators have access to carefully curated collections of high quality, engaging learning resources, including online, print, and videos directly linked to research based practices for each micro-credential. Because the learning opportunities are self-paced, educators can access topics on their schedule and when needed. During the learning experience, educators can share and discuss with others, request and receive feedback, and access personalized coaching in live chat rooms. Educators must then demonstrate their learning through submissions that can include instructional plans, videos, presentations, and written reflections. Administrators will know who has mastered the skills and who has not. Along with administrators, PD Anywhere can continue to work with educators who require additional support. PD Anywhere’s clients get the best of both worlds when this online experience is combined with on-site consultation. PD Anywhere opportunities can provide initial in-person PD as well as problem solving throughout the process.

Kathleen McConnell Fad, Ph.D.

Kathleen McConnell Fad, Ph.D.

Kathy McConnell Fad is an independent consultant and writer who focuses the essentials for student success:

  • Effective instruction
  • Collaborative planning based on standards and data
  • Differentiation that ensures success for all students
  • Integrating positive behavior supports into district and campus systems.

In addition to providing professional development, Kathy has also led or participated in comprehensive reviews of special education programs and services in some of the largest districts in the country, including Hillsborough County, Florida and Clark County, Nevada. Kathy has authored and co-authored numerous articles, books, and assessment instruments. For many years, she shared research, strategies, and tools through the popular Tools for Great Teachers website. Recently, her consultation has focused on districts that are committed to significant and sometimes challenging improvement. She has served as a consultant to many districts in the University of Virginia Professional Leaders in Education (PLE) Turnaround Schools program.

Kathy is committed to equity for all students and strongly supports the efforts of all educators, especially those in public schools. She also believes in life-long learning for herself and others, so competency-based online opportunities like those provided by PD Anywhere are exciting and energizing. Helping districts and schools, regardless of geography, financial situation, or size is her passion. PDAnywhere’s philosophy, purpose, and opportunities are a perfect match for Kathy’s beliefs and skills and she can’t wait to support educators new to this process.

PD Anywhere’s Modern, Cutting Edge Platform

PD Anywhere’s micro-credential program is provided on a state of the art platform. Easy-to-use software designed specifically for educator micro-credentials provides a stress free experience. Once PD Anywhere’s educators are logged on to the platform, navigating the process and completing a micro-credential is simple and learning is a breeze! When question do arise, our platform provides support for learners through both an online chat function as well as a help desk.

PD Anywhere’s platform provider has worked with state departments of education in several states to pre-approve micro-credentials for continuing professional education credits. For many educators, this means that micro-credentials earned through PD Anywhere will also meet requirements related to maintaining certification. PD Anywhere provides comprehensive service and the best quality online learning experience available.

“Micro-credentials offer a strategy for teachers to expand and validate their learning and to receive recognition as they achieve milestones in their professional learning trajectories.”

– Jenny DeMonte, American Institutes for Research