“We learn and use skills that are not always measured in a classroom observation. Using micro-credentials allows us recognition in those areas. ”

– Digital Promise Survey Respondent

What is the value of

Micro-credentialing is a new approach to professional development not just for educators, but for many professions. Through the use of new technology, educators can engage in learning that is self-paced, personalized, and related to topics that have the greatest significance and impact. Micro-credentials are a perfect fit for educators because they allow for networking with other professionals, facilitating sharing of ideas, research, and best practices.

Is it Expensive?

Micro-credential programs are also cost effective and convenient. The cost of one micro-credential can be less that the combined cost of a PD registration fee, substitute fee, and travel/expense fee. Some districts offer incentives like stipends, step pay increases, release time, or additional planning time to micro-credential learners. PD Anywhere can work with any district or campus to design effective PD. After the initial planning, we do all the work, while still communicating and coordinating to meet district needs. Let PD Anywhere work for you!

PD Anywhere Professional Development

PD Anywhere Micro-credentials will help you meet your budget and instructional goals.

  • Micro-credentials are cost effective. Earning a micro-credential is less expensive than just one typical six hour PD session at a conference or service center. By the time a district pays a registration fee, substitute pay, and travel/meal expenses, the costs usually exceed the cost of a more comprehensive, outcome-based micro-credential.
  • Micro-credentials can be completed anywhere PD Anywhere provides micro-credentials for use anywhere the learner can access the Internet. For small districts that can’t afford to bring in expensive national presenters or rural districts without easy access to conferences or PD sessions, micro-credentials are a perfect option. We are available anywhere!
  • Micro-credentials are competency based. Educators require students to demonstrate mastery of content but typical PD sessions for adults don’t do the same. We think that’s a problem. Educators can sit for six to eight hours in a PD session and no one knows if they have learned anything. If they do learn something, no one will ever know because there are no requirements that they use their knowledge when they return to their campus. Completing a micro-credential requires clear, objective evidence of mastery and implementation through products like videos, lesson plans, student work samples, differentiation plans, or photographs.
  • Micro-credentials include high quality content on high impact topics. Educators are busy people. When teachers or coaches need support in specific areas, administrators often don’t have time to research the topic and then try to find PD opportunities available immediately. Let PD Anywhere do this work for you! We follow the research, identify the high impact topics, and the select the most relevant, most engaging resources available. Our user-friendly Strategy in Action guides, available only through PD Anywhere, supplement the online resources. The guides contain “use now” strategies and can be viewed online with live links or downloaded and used as text.
  • Micro-credentials fit your schedule. Because micro-credentials are self-paced, educators can complete them on their own schedule. This model relies on the professionalism of administrators, teachers, and coaches. You know the most convenient times for your work and PD Anywhere respects that. Work when you want to! As long as the micro-credential requirements are met, learners can complete a micro-credential when it best for them.
  • Micro-credential programs are flexible. Districts who work with PD Anywhere can customize programs to include a menu of topics, on-site training and support, online coaching, or almost anything that will work for your district or campus. In addition, some districts that use micro-credentials offer incentives for completion, including release time, additional planning time, or stipends. In addition, PD Anywhere’s platform, BloomBoard, has secured approval for continuing professional education credits in several states.

Educators are interested in Micro-Credentials for PD

The Friday Institute of North Carolina State University recently published a report on the implementation of micro-credentials. As part of the report, they surveyed teachers who had completed micro-credentials. The survey results indicated that 97% of respondents said that they wanted to pursue another micro-credential in the future. The comments and data from the survey provided evidence that teachers not only valued the micro-credentials they had completed, but wanted to engage in more learning in this format.

Reference: Acree, L. (2016). Seven Lessons Learned From Implementing Micro-credentials. Raleigh, NC. Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at the NC State University College of Education.
PD Anywhere Micro-credentials

Micro-Credentials are good for everyone

Teachers get the recognition they deserve while fulfilling PD requirements for less than the cost of traditional training and travel!
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